Yacht Technology System Overhaul – Case Study

luxury ocean yacht
GBS Connected hardware cabinet
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GBS Connected performed a two week overhaul of the digital systems onboard a private / charter yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This overhaul was intended to update, restore, and improve the performance of the following main systems previously installed on the vessel:

  1. Network Infrastructure (wired and wireless)
  2. DirecTV system
  3. Sonos distributed audio system
  4. Lutron lighting system
  5. AV / home theater locations
  6. iPad / network based control system

Over the course of a two year period of intense usage in a marine environment the system had degraded in many ways; both the user experience and installation integrity had reached unacceptable levels.

The GBS approach with any technology system is evaluate and design in a layer by layer method, starting with power, then optimizing the network, configuring the most practical control system, and then finally integrating devices.

New battery backup power supplies were installed with proper surge protection. All voltages and power requirements were assessed and any issues were corrected.

Networking gear was replaced with updated equipment to greatly improve wireless signal and network reliability. In any modern technology solution, specifically where integrated control is desired, the performance of network can make or break the overall system.

The iPad based control system (iRule) was updated and refined to provide more reliable and intuitive controls. This included updated macros for faster TV and media device switching, improving the ways in which audio sources and lighting scenes were controlled to make it easier to use and understand, and re-configuring the control system to use less IR (slow and unreliable) controls and more IP / network based commands.

All of the end-user devices were evaluated to determine which components needed to be replaced and which could be restored. Devices were removed from their previous installation locations and remounted into equipment racks with improved cooling and stability. Cabling was replaced and connections were redone wherever improvements could be made.

The result is much faster, easier to use, and reliable system which now meets the expectations of the client. The installation improvements make routine maintenance and upgrades much simpler for the captain and crew. The improvements to the network also allow for remote troubleshooting and support whenever required.

Contact GBS Connected Division Manager Craig Myers directly at 757-449-5474 or by email at craigmyers@gbsconnected.com.

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