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The Start Up

In 2012, GBS Group CEO Bob Golden decided to start a Smart Home automation division under The GBS Group. After years spent delivering large-scale engineering projects on ships, trains and in buildings, customers began to ask "Can GBS Group work on homes, or yachts?". Indeed, many customers were finding it difficult to select a company that could provide a "one stop shop" for designing and installing high-end home automation systems and solutions. Companies in this industry tend to come and go, and one-man businesses provide support, but they are typically limited in what they can do, or when they can do it. GBS Connected was launched, as a brand under The GBS group, to provide focused, end-to-end home automation services.

GBS Connected Concept

Bob and his team understood how large projects are developed and managed. As a result, the GBS Connected team developed an approach that we call our Automation Success Triangle (TM) -- below. The concept is quite simple. When customers need help, we perform a rapid survey of the home - prior to construction or as built. The survey begins with a survey of the electrical power available, and moves up the triangle to the systems that depend upon power. The first level up is Networking. We study the necessary wired and wireless system you have, or need based upon your goals. We make sure you have the WiFi and Internet signal strength and service speeds necessary for the hardware, software, controls and applications you are either having difficult with, or intend to purchase and install. This Automation Success Triangle is an essential element of Smart Home Automation. Nothing is worse than installing new, expensive flat screens, lighting control, etc only to find out that your are going to trip circuit breakers, overload your WiFi network, lose control when signal strengths are too low, or have poor streaming of your YouTube channel or favorite Apple TV entertainment.

Process Rigor

We utilize an 8-step process for our repair or full system design projects. These are simple process steps that help homeowners to understand our business process. The steps are outlined in the graphic, and are explained simply as follows:
1.0 -- Site visit, home owner interview. At this stage we find out everything you are having problems with, and everything you are trying to accomplish. This is the requirements phase.
2.0 -- Concept Design -- we provide the design concept and solution we suggest you consider, with options for consideration. Then you choose a path forward.
3.0 -- Preliminary Design and Price Estimate. The first logical diagrams of your solution are provided, with approximate costs, for labor and materials. You decide if we should proceed, and if so a deposit is required to develop your detailed design and programming path for your selected systems.
4.0 -- Detailed design drawings, part lists, and programming needs are developed to allow system construction, testing, and installation in your home or office.
5.0 -- Detailed bill of materials, cabling, software, application lists, administrative permissions, passwords, and logistic details are compiled within this document.
6.0 -- Project Schedules -- our project manager works with you, your architect, or builder -- in a careful manner to assure we schedule all work in a Smart manner.
7.0 -- Installation, programming and test -- this is the on-site portion of the project. Our professional installers will coordinate access to your home, install temporary security cameras for your use while we work, and will perform all work neatly, professionally, to the standard you would expect of a professional engineering company. We are good dog sitters and can bring in the mail or whatever you need to feel comfortable, safe, and respected.
8.0 -- This is the training and service phase. We offer training on all systems we install, and offer service agreements to be sure you get a visit once a month, quarter, or whenever to assure your technology continues to work for you. Systems today are rapidly changing, and updates are essential to make sure systems continue to communicate well with your controls, smart phones, tablets and laptops. Every system and every customer are different. Our 8.0 services are tailored to your needs and are never forced, never annoying.

Call GBS Connected -- we put the Smart in Smart Home Automation.

Automation Success Triangle / Business Delivery Process:

GBS Connected Business Philosophy

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