Connected For Business


GBS Connected understands today's business world is driven by technology.  Networks, clouds, emails, video conferences, mobile devices and beyond provide the backbone for any company.  These advances cannot be a hindrance to your productivity, they must be an asset.  Let GBS Connected be your company's CIO and we will make sure your boardrooms never disappoint.

From boardrooms to self storage facilities, restaurants to gyms and beyond, GBS Connected has customizable solutions for all of your business needs.  We can provide you one control system to manage your lighting, music, surveillance, and temperature so more time can be spent doing what your company does best.

Investing in Smart features for your office is investing in your business.  Today's technology can help increase productivity, cut costs, and set the tone for your business standards.  Contact GBS Connected today and we will show you how even the most simple solutions can dramatically alter the way you do business.