Family_Theater_500_333Simplify your life through Home Automation. GBS Connected designs Smarter Homes for you and your family.

Personalized Home Automation For Existing Homes
Do you want to add home automation features, but don’t know where to begin? Have you bought a smart television, soundbar, or web camera but are not satisfied with the results?

Many wireless entertainment and automation systems use proprietary communication protocols and are not compatible with other devices. GBS Connected can help you overcome these obstacles through our “Home Audit” service. This audit is done at your home and involves a full assessment of your home network and existing equipment. We work with you to design a custom home automation solution that meets your lifestyle and budget.

Your home reflects your personality. Let GBS Connected provide a custom “home solution” tailored just to you.

Smart Home Installation For New Homes
When building a new home, it used to be enough to have the standard pre-wiring for your HVAC, security, television, phone and heating systems. Now homebuyers want high-speed internet, automated lighting, remote security monitoring, home theater and multi-room sound built into the home. Many builders will offer you the standard wiring package but you’ll need a Systems Integrator like GBS Connected to help you design and plan for that smart home technology system. By working with the builder before and after the construction phase, we can design and install a smart home system that integrates your HVAC, security, lighting, home theater and sound system seamlessly.

Tell us what your dream home would be; we will help get you there.

Customized Smart Home Roadmap For Your Home Renovation
Connect4 hardware productsPrior to doing a home renovation, most homeowners have made a decision that the renovations will add value, function, and comfort. A successful renovation requires advanced planning and budgeting. Most homeowners will plan for the removal of walls, adding a new room, replacing fixtures and lighting, but we often forget that changing the house layout will affect your existing network. This is the perfect opportunity to plan for a smart home system for the future.

Let GBS Connected develop a technology roadmap that is customized to your needs and priorities. We work with builders and general contractors to plan for the controlled lighting, multi-room audio, wired and wireless network, etc. We can provide the builders with the design specifications for the wiring so that the foundation is ready for you. These minor considerations during a renovation can have the biggest impact in achieving your dream home.

Home Ideas

Connect4 home theater installationHome Theaters
GBS Connected specializes in home entertainment theaters. From dedicated screening rooms to a family recreation room to the living room, we can design the very best viewing and audio experience available.

With one push of a button, lower the lights, close the shades, set the sound and settle in for the ultimate movie experience. We can personalize your theater to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

large kitchen featuring lightingConnect Your Kitchen
The hub of your home is a great base of communication so you can alert the kids through your intercom or with flashing lights in their rooms when its time for dinner. Create the perfect mood lighting and background music while you prepare meals. Then adjust the lights and change the music for perfect dining ambiance, all with the touch of a button.

GBS Connected home intercomm system

Patio outdoor living areaPatio
GBS Connected understands that a significant amount of your time is spent entertaining outdoors and we have you covered there too. Heat up your pool from your smartphone, create a beautiful lighting scene that showcases your landscaping, and set up your lights for mood, energy savings and safety. Use motion sensors, lights and alerts for late-night security. Make your outdoor oasis more comfortable, secure and fun!

Connect4 outdoor theater